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Ruby Raw Stone Gold Plated Ring, July Birthstone Ring, Gold Electroplated Semi Precious Gemstone Ring, Selling Per Piece

Metal : Brass

Plating : Gold Electroplated

Ring Size : 6, 7, 8

Gemstone : Ruby

Stone Size : 8mm to 12mm Approx.

Stone Shape : Natural


Ruby Healing Properties

This stone offers you the energy required to live life to its fullest. This is a good stone to keep on your person when healing from blood related disorders or blood pressure challenges. Ruby can be used to treat inadequate circulation in the feet and legs. It is often used as a treatment for sexual dysfunction and infertility, It can be used to regulate your weight. Ruby stimulates the spleen, adrenal glands and the circulation. It will help you overcome infectious diseases such as intestinal infections. Ruby is excellent for those who are repelled by being in a body in the physical world. It can help you feel more engaged in life and more loving toward your physical body and human existence. Ruby intensifies the emotions and stokes passions. It can be used as a talisman to bring wealth, joy, love, sexual vigour and power. Ruby offers you healthy tension and dynamism. It is enlivening, rejuvenates, fires you with enthusiasm and lifts you out of lethargy and exhaustion. It has a balancing effect on hyperactivity. This brilliant red stone is a motivational tool for helping you complete tasks. If you have been procrastinating, this stone gives you that needed jumpstart to begin a task or project. Hold ruby to get your mind wrapped around the idea that it is time to move forward and take action.

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3 in stock