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What is a Gemstone Connector ?
A Gemstone Connector is an simple article which connects anywhere to make a Jewelry article like Bracelet, Pendants, Ear-rings……etc. It is very famous in all Jewelry companies and Designers. Today, the world’s best Jewelry designer are using Gemstone Connectors in many of their designs.

What makes a Gemstone Connector ?
It consist of a Gemstone usually double side checker cut surrounded with a glued & fasten Bezel Strip of Silver plated gold, silver, oxidise…etc. The stone can be of any kind, shape, size and cut as per the need.

What are the usages of Gemstone Connector ?
It has a mass usages like it is widely used in all kinds of Jewelry and Designer need it to create a new designs.

What is the future of Gemstone Connectors ?
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Can common people use it to create his/her own design ?
Yes, it is a jewelry article yet soo simple that any one can use it and make his own design. Simple people can use it to create their own design. To use it they do not need any Jewelry Studies or Courses.

Where did we learn about it and its creations ?
Their are many videos and articles online where you can read or look videos about it. And their are many companies which are selling some simple tools for jewelry making. You can go and get them. But if you need any kind of help from us you can leave a message with us at any time.

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